One Perfect Day


Imagine fresh mountain air, the sounds of nature, sun shining all day, and not a bit of cell service. This is how I picture my perfect fall day, and every year I get to live this perfection. Each year I wait in anticipation for my Graves Mountain Day. It takes about an hour and a half to get there, but it is well worth the drive. I thrive by nature; so nothing compares to this moment. My family travels each October for apple picking, hay rides, mazes, horseback riding, and craft vendor shopping.

This photograph was taken on one perfect day 4 years ago. I’ve walked that path dozens of times, but this was different. We took a trail on horseback up and around the mountain.  I turned around to check on my fellow riders, and saw this behind me instead. The way the path curves into the field and around the trees was beautiful. I snapped this while mid ride, and magically, it detailed precisely how my heart felt. It was gracious, peaceful, and in that moment there was nothing but this path. I cannot wait to see what awaits me there next year.

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