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Say a Little Prayer

​I can’t get over my love for this photo. He is one sweet little boy with two very loving parents!

At this time every year I am filled with a sadness I can’t really explain. When I look at this photo I am reminded of the good things that came around in 2016. It gives me hope that as life continues into 2017 I will be lucky enough to witness many more precious moments such as this. 

Why WOULDN’T You Want a Bridal Shoot?

Time!  This is the most prominent reason for having a bridal (and/or groomal) photo shoot before the wedding.  It can be a tricky element to work with when capturing a once in a lifetime event.  With the ceremony, the cake cutting, the dancing, there are no concerns.  Those things are going to happen and your photographer is going to be set up for them.  When it comes to solo pics of the bride (and groom) it’s a difference story.  Generally, the time allotted for these photos is equal to a mini shoot and it’s almost always during a period when guests are waiting for you.  That’s a lot of pressure for achieving the photos you want.  Having a bridal shoot guarantees you won’t miss out on any of the images you want captured.  So, of course, it is usually assumed that it’s all about time.  However, there are many more important reasons for having a bridal shoot and they all come down to something a little more unexpected:  comfort.


Being the bride and groom is a little like being the famous people in the room.  Think of your wedding as the Oscars of your life (where you’re guaranteed to win)!  You’re dressed to the nines and everyone is watching you.  It’s the photographer’s job to capture your beauty, your time in the spotlight and all of the little candid moments possible.  However, most people aren’t used to the paparazzi following them around.  This can lead to a lot of awkwardness and some not so natural photos, especially given the time limitations of the day.  Using the more relaxed time frame available at a bridal shoot to familiarize yourself with the constant camera action, as well as the photographer, will allow you to feel at ease with their presence on the day of the wedding.


The company of a camera isn’t the only thing you’ll be at ease with when you take the time to have a bridal shoot.  More importantly is the confidence you’ll find with yourself.  You will get to know the feel of your dress, the endurance of your hair style, the arches of your shoes.  How will you carry yourself when you’re wearing these things for more than a fitting?  If anything feels off, or isn’t satisfactory after experiencing them for a few hours, you will still have the chance to make any necessary adjustments.  This “trial run” will leave you with a confidence in your wardrobe that can only add to the excitement you feel on the day of your wedding.

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Lastly, while your wedding day is about sharing your love as a couple with everyone that matters to you, your bridal shoot is all about YOU.  Whether it’s the comfort you have in your own skin or the bond you have as a couple, what better way to let it shine through into your photos than with a private shoot.  There are no interruptions to be had, no time restraints to be met.  No one will be present to make you feel anything other than relaxed.  A bridal shoot is the perfect environment to be completely yourselves and allow those truest selves to be captured.  On top of that, getting such genuine photos before the wedding will mean your wedding photos will also be more relaxed and really radiate how you feel having just married.  Who doesn’t want that?

I should also mention, for anyone concerned with tradition, that bridal/groomal shoots can be scheduled for before OR after your wedding date.  No matter the choice, that first look will always be captured!

So, tell me, honestly, why wouldn’t you want a bridal shoot?